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We are a team of computer network security specialists operating in the Northwest and Northeast quadrants of Washington, D.C.

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Discover the Top 3 Cyber Threats

The computer security industry is rapidly changing, with the goal of responding as quickly as possible to new types of threats. Specialists estimate that worldwide security spending will exceed USD 120 bn by 2025. These are the most dangerous cyber security threats of the year.

1. Social Hacking

If you run a business, it may be surprising to hear that your own employees may leak important company data to third parties. I am talking about people who click malicious links in emails, for example, without knowing that their actions lead to malware installs, and then to network takeovers.

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We Protect Computer Networks

We begin our work by understanding the unique characteristics of your business. What type of information must be protected? How many people have access to it? And how do they access it? These are a few of the questions that need to be answered before moving on to the next phase.

Then, we identify potential risks, determining that best methods that will allow us to protect any type of information. We install applications that constantly monitor the network, looking for signs of unusual activity: data tampering, unauthorized system access, etc.

We implement tight computer security policies, limiting access to unnecessary resources and granting access to authorized users.

It's time to put the network to the test! We will act like a team of hackers would, trying to break into the network, get access to information without being authorized to do so, etc.

Then, we will create a report that highlights the outcome of our tests.

The results of our findings will be explained to the person in charge using non-technical English.

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